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Professional Beer Foam Making Mug



The Ultimate Professional Beer Foam Maker!! Just Pour your favourite icy Beer into the Mug, with Single Press, the Professional Creamy Beer Foam is Ready for You! (NO Battery is required)
Not Only have fun, but also make your beer More Delicious! Happy Hour, Party, BBQ, Dining and Gathering, Just Get Rid of all those Trifles, Let's have your Private Great Fun Time!!

While you are drinking beer in the middle part, the Beer Foam is gone already, Simply Press the button once, the Professional Beer Foam Appear Again!! Let's have fun for your Great Time!!

  • Professional Beer Foam Making Mug
  • Ultimate Beer Foam Maker without using Battery
  • When the Beer Foam is finished, Just ONE Press, the Professional Beer Foam Comes Up Again!!
  • Enjoy the Beer from the Foam Making Mug
  • Party, Dinner and Gathering Super Gadget
  • Joys for all people
  • Mug Dimensions: 133 x 129 x 72 mm
  • No Battery is required

Package Contents:
  • 1 x Professional Beer Foam Making Mug