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Kossel mini D.I.Y. 3D Printer

This item is Discontinued
Kossel mini D.I.Y. 3D Printer contains all the parts and screws to both the board and so on, all of the wiring has been plugs, no welding, reducing both the trouble refuting the wrong line!
Enjoy the D.I.Y. fun and satisfaction with the newest technology - 3D Printing!

For all install manual and setting, please find out here

Technical Specifications:
  • Print speed: 60 mm / sec.
  • Resolution: 100 steps / mm
  • Repeat Positioning: about 0.03 mm
  • Printing Sizes: 170mm diameter, 240mm high cylinder
  • Frame width: 300 mm
  • Frame height: 630 mm
  • Print Platform: non-heated glass Round
  • Print Head Weight: about 50 grams
  • Automatic printing platform automatically more positive

Package Contents:
  • 28 x printouts
  • 3 x metal rails
  • 12 x 20mm aluminum square (more stable than 15mm aluminum square)
  • 6 x has assembled carbon fiber pushrod even Ball 4 x stepper motor X, Y, Z axis and chassis with planetary gear extruder
  • 1 x automatic stabilizer bars
  • 3 x 16-tooth ring synchronous belts and synchronous gear J-Head 0.4mm print-head, use 1.75mm gum
  • RAMPS 1.4 compatible board
  • Arduino Mega 2560 is compatible board
  • 2004 LCD monitor with SD Card Reader
  • 110-240V AC adapter and power cord,
  • USB Cable
  • 190mm glass platform
  • 4cm fan
  • Plug-oriented wiring, Perlin, limiting system, PTFE tubes, screws and nut etc.