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MAG Wallet

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Traditional silver casks can put a lot of things, but they are very heavy. Men put them in trouser pockets, which often makes trouser pockets Protruding drums, very unattractive. MAG magnetic change silver bag can help you solve this trouble! This magnetic wallet is a detachable wallet that can be quickly separated and reconnected, the most powerful is by three The parts with different compartments can be placed at the discretion of the number of cards required, and one of the compartments can be placed with keys and coins, which can be easily disassembled or assembled by its own magnetic force. The part can be exchanged at will, and an elastic band can be used to place the banknotes in the middle. Made of high-grade waterproof fabric from Japan, it is light and portable!

  • Modular design, consisting of three magnetic cores, which can be assembled or disassembled by discretion
  • The number of cards can be placed at the discretion. Up to 9 cards, banknotes and some change can be placed
  • Three different magnetic sheets can be exchanged freely
  • One of the magnetic compartments has a slot at the bottom for the usual cards, and a side card for more credit cards and banknotes. Three cards can be placed
  • Another piece of magnetic compartment is provided with an elastic band for cash, and the back is for 6. Placing up to 6 cards
  • The third piece of magnetic space can be placed with keys and some change
  • Made of high-grade waterproof fabric, waterproof and durable
  • Light and convenient
  • Using high-tech laser cutting technology, the style is beautiful
  • The magnet will not loosen easily
  • Size: 11.8 x 7.8cm

  • Red
  • Dark Blue
  • Gray
  • Black

Package Contents:
  • 1 x MAG Wallet