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Soap Studio The Dark Knight Trilogy - Tumbler 1:12 Scale RC Vehicle

This item is Discontinued
Soap Studio Company Limited proudly presents the mobile app fully-controlled 1/12 RC "The Dark Knight Trilogy - Tumbler". This collectable item maximized to match the film vehicle in shape and functions, it also features an innovative mobile app control interface with first-person camera vision that turns every player to Batman. The controllable functions including cockpit open/close, spoiler movement, voice intercom, Jet power mode to boost speed up to 30% with light effects, night vision LED and camera, plus a fine furnished thematic display charging platform and much more... As a collective item or simply a playing toy, the Tumbler also reaches the highest degree of product furnishing.

  • The Dark Knight - Tumbler true 1:12 ratio
  • iOS or Android phone to control the use of either the exclusive APP, the effective distance: 25 meters
  • Has adjustable angle of 480p night vision camera, you can take pictures and record videos, images can be captured on a mobile phone APP display and has a path record, replay function and voice intercom function
  • Players can freely choose the driving mode / attack mode. With jet power function, can increase travel speeds of up to 30% within 10 seconds, and a red and blue LED lights and jet accelerated sound
  • Built-in 2,100mAH replaceable lithium battery, the charging time of 40 minutes, you can provide about 1.5 hours battery life
  • Fixed wing and cockpit door for remote setting, remote door attached audio switch, cockpit equipped with 11 LED lights, the body has 25 LED lights
  • Product Dimensions: Length 37cm * Width 24 cm x Height 14cm (approx.)

Limited Edition Comes with:
  • 6" Batman figure can be moving even
  • Figure height of about 16 cm, about 36 movable joints
  • Three alternative expression mouth
  • Accessories: Batman Cape Replace x 2, Bats x 2, Bats Dart Gun x 1, Replace the palm of the logarithm

Display Theatre Charger with LED Lights:
  • "Neo Sensor" remote sensing devices, with Batman dynamic induction darts, hand movements to directly control the LED light switch platform
  • Look for imitation Bridge Scene Showcase design, with 12 x LED light and 1 x Backdrop
  • 20 blue LED lights on the base