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AstroReality LUNAR 3D Printed Scientific Moon Model

LUNAR Regular (8cm) - US$ 149.00  US$119.00
LUNAR Pro (12cm) - US$ 387.00  US$309.00



Using Data from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance, AstroReality's Lunar Pro is 3 scales (1:28,969,000 / 1:43,453,500 / 1:116,020,845) model of the Moon. While small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, you will be able to feel peaks and valleys of the Moon's craters that have been 3D printed to a resolution of 4000 droplets per inch. Each model is painted and finished by hand for the finest detail possible.

  • The Most Precisely Made Moon Model - Two and a half years were spent perfecting the AstroReality LUNAR. Each prototype was built, crafted and tested in accordance to NASA's LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) data to ensure unparalleled scientific accuracy
  • Interactive Augmented Reality App - AR technology is implemented for astronomy enthusiasts to discover the facts about the Moon through your smartphone app. More than just a toy model, the AstroReality LUNAR is not only a scientific marvel and stunning piece of craftsmanship, it's also an almost infinite source of knowledge and fun
  • Craftsmanship - 98% modeling accuracy is achieved through unique Polyresin, every single unit is hand painted by our most experienced artist with a flat color protection layer to make sure the details never fade.
  • 3D Printed to Perfection - 3D printing level height < 0.05 MM, printing error precision of 0.025 MM, printing resolution reaching 4000 DPI up to 0.006 MM per pixel.

  • LUNAR Mini (3cm)
  • LUNAR Regular (8cm)
  • LUNAR Pro (12cm)

Package Contents:
  • 1 x AstroReality LUNAR 3D Printed Scientific Moon Model