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Drinking Glasses Straw

This item is Discontinued
Drinking Glasses are THE thing on a hot summers day to drink a long cool beverage. There is nothing like watching your favorite cold drink make it's way up the long straw and a refreshingly cool sensation spiraling around your eyes. A great novelty gift straight out of the 80's, our Drinking Straw Glasses make a superb gift for summer parties! Why not use them as party favors or prizes? Simply put on the glasses with the short end in your mouth, place the long end in your drink and enjoy! From milkshakes, to Cola, to beer, our hilarious Drinking Glasses knock the socks off standard drinking straws.

  • The Drinking Straw Glasses is a drinking straw in the shape of wearable glasses!
  • Clear straw so you can see the liquid going up and down
  • Bring to a party and see the fun begin
  • Great gifts for ages 4 to 140

  • Transparent

Package Content:
  • 1 x Drinking Glasses Straw