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Hands-Free Magnifying Glasses (With 2-LED)



Hands-Free Magnifying Glasses with replaceable 1.2X, 1.8X 2.5X and 3.5X lens that are worn like eyeglasses to provide clear resolution for detailed tasks. With 2-LED, you can see objects clearly even in the dark environment.

  • Magnifying Glasses with 2-LED
  • 4 multiples of LENs, 1.2X, 1.8X, 2.5X and 3.5X
  • 2 lens slots for using 2 pieces of lens, which can enlarge the object (>3.5X)
  • Adjustment of head band
  • Suitable for Dentists, Jewel processing, Sewing, Stamping collection, Reading, Drawing, Repairing Small parts, etc
  • Remove all lens and turn on light for Hiking or Walking at night
  • AAA batteries x 2 pieces (Included)

Package Content:
  • Hands-Free Magnifying Glasses (With 2-LED)
  • 4 Multiples of LENs
  • AAA Batteries x 2pcs
  • User's Manual