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infoThink Frozen II Series Electronic Paint Board - Olaf

This item is Discontinued
Finger writing
Pressure sensitive Technology, you can write and draw directly on the tablet without booting up, and only consume power when you press the clear button.

One-click clear
Tap the trash can symbol to easily erase the writing and graffiti content. Clear once, equal to saving the use of the next piece of paper.

Protect your eyes
No light, no glare, no radiation, better protection for your eyes.

Safe and non-toxic
The four-legged frame is safely curved and durable. Use non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, no black and white toxin dust generated by whiteboard.

Convenient to carry
8.5-inch, light and thin design, medium size, easy to put into a backpack or a briefcase to carry.

  • Zero radiation, no light, no glare
  • Environmentally friendly, reusable
  • Preschool children, baby Must-have exploration, creativity drawing board
  • Clear button: easy to operate, finger can be used to clear the image
  • Built-in battery: button battery, can be replaced
  • Cholesterol LCD panel: flexible LCD technology Durable, environmentally friendly and non-polluting
  • Pen tray + stylus: The stylus can be placed in the built-in pen holder for convenient storage
  • Disney official authorized
  • Designed by infoThink
  • Dimension: 221 x 146 x 4.5mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 110g

Package Contents:
  • 1 x infoThink Frozen II Series Electronic Paint Board - Olaf
  • 1 x Stylus
  • 1 x CR2025 Button Battery