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K-3 Mini Air Spray Guns



Mini affordable spray gun, the best choice for any home, shop or professional painters.

  • With ergonomic gun body design that helps to reduce painter fatigue
  • Adopt advanced die casting processes
  • Aluminum gun body and cup with copper nozzle
  • Two Adjustment Knobs
  • Fluid control adjustment knob to control the volume of the coating
  • Air pressure adjustment knob to control airflow
  • New air cap design with increased pattern shape stability improves atomization and decreases mottling and blotching
  • Side mounted gravity cup allowing 360° rotation provides the operator options to spray at a wide variety of angles and helps to achieve high transfer efficiency control and superior atomization
  • Compatible with solvent and waterborne coatings (No chemical reaction to aluminum)
  • Commonly used by auto painters, hobbyist and artists for paint chip repairs, signs, backgrounds, murals, etc

  • Caliber of nozzle: 0.5 mm
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Capacity of cup: 200 ml
  • Width of spray: 80 ~ 120 mm
  • Feeding mode: gravity feeding
  • Application: spaying on cars, furniture, toys, instruments and machines
  • Air Pressure: 3.5 ~ 5.0bar
  • Best spraying distance: 80 ~ 120 mm

Package Contents:
  • 1 x Spray Gun
  • 1 x 200ml Aluminum Cup
  • 1 X Spanner
  • 1 X Brush