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Maru Nano 3x3x3 IQ Brick

Yellow  US$24.00
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World's Smallest Cube!
The world's smallest mass-produced 3x3x3 cubes are coming out!
Sized in 15mm per side, which is smaller than a single part of normal 3x3x3 cubes.
It's going to released in DIY packs.
Mass purchase available as well, suit for mosaic artists.
You can make HD-mosaic works.

  • The world's Smallest cube! Sized in 15mm per side
  • DIY IQ Cube
  • Included with Stickers, Tweezers and Lube
  • Easy to install and lots of fun to play
  • Nice shape and smooth rotation
  • Creative puzzle Toy can enhance assembly ability
  • Suitable for the intelligence development
  • Colors may be variant
  • Ages 14+
  • Dimension: 15 x 15 x 15mm

  • Yellow
  • Glow

Package Content:
  • 1 x Maru Nano 3x3x3 IQ Brick