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PET Multi-Purpose Emergency Heat Insulation Blanket



Gold - Discontinued


Whether it is outdoor travel, hiking, mountain climbing, riding or home, car insulation can be spare! Can do the normal emergency blanket use (can be placed within the sleeping bag), do emergency tents to seats, poncho. After folding only palm size, very light, start 2.1 x 1.4 meter area can be wrapped in your body all. Life-saving blanket silver has a good insulation and reflective effect (reflective can make emergency personnel in the wilderness soon found you) golden out, can absorb the sun heat. In addition, it is very strong and waterproof, in the rain out of emergency, the effect is also very good.

  • After folding small size, emergency warm and powerful
  • Size: 2.1 x 1.3 meters, Folding Size: 95 x 130 x 20mm
  • Material: High-tech PET
  • Weight: 51g

  • Silver
  • Gold

Emergency carpet use occasions:
  • After the accident, can be used to cover the body with an emergency blanket to prevent a sharp decline in body temperature
  • The vehicle in the cold zone or night anchor, available emergency blanket for the body warm
  • Emergency blanket can be used as a reflective film, to the rescue signal
  • In the rain, the first aid blanket can be used as poncho; can be opened to do the canopy
  • The summer sun direct parking, with an emergency blanket cover the car before the windshield, can reduce the car endothermic
  • Sleeping bag put an emergency blanket, warm is very good
  • Other suitable occasions

Package Contents:
  • 1 x PET Multi-Purpose Emergency Heat Insulation Blanket