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Rolling Sharp




It's a knife, but it's extremely safe!
Rolling Sharp's blade is made of tungsten steel (the next hardest carbide to Diamond!), which is extremely hard. To cut objects, it requires a hard padding material placing underneath the objects. If the padding material is too soft, then the objects will not be cut. Thus, it is perfectly safe for children and the elderly to use!

Ergonomic design
The silicone holder is specially designed to make the cutter easier to hold.
By adjusting the silicone angle, it is suitable for both right & left-handed use!

Yep! That easy!
With its patented blades, it can easily cut straight lines and various irregular shapes on a variety of materials. What's the best is, no bladed replacement needed. EVER! (As in it's too hard to be broken!)

  • Easy to use, cuts straight lines and irregular shapes
  • Safe to use, perfect for children and the elderly
  • No replacement, NEVER replace a blade. Save $ on blade replacement
  • Perfect for right-hand and left-hand
  • Works on a variety of materials, cuts any thin materials up to 0.2cm
  • Blade made of Tungsten carbide (the next hardest carbide of diamond)

  • Black
  • White

Package Contents:
  • 1 x Rolling Sharp