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Shocking Liar



Whether you are wishing to catch your best friend, telling little white lies, your spouse, or your children this gadget will sure let you know the truth while giving the fibber quite a shock. Everyone is known to tell little white lies, whether they do it not to hurt someone?s feelings, not to get others in trouble or just to make themselves look better in someone?s eyes. Well, now you can find out what is true and what is not while giving these fibbers a bit of a jolt. What better way to find out the truth behind those whopper tales that your friends are always telling or to find out if your employees really were sick that day last week when they could not come to work. This is a great gadget to take along with you and have loads of fun playing games such as truth or dare. At least you will know if they are really telling the truth. They may try to outsmart the Shocking Liar, but I rather doubt if they can get the job done. They will either begin to sweat uncontrollably or receive an electric shock they will not forget. If they do not get a shock, you can still tell if it was a lie by the LED front that will let everyone know that it was a little white lie being told. All you have to do is have your friends place either of their hands into the ergonomic handstrap and start firing the questions; the minute they lie, they are sure to scream when they get that first electrical shock. This is a great way to get a party started or maybe end one according to what lies your friends may tell. Warning: Emits electric shocks. Can cause interference with electrical devices such as pacemakers. Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy or any similar illnesses, and not suitable for pregnant women.

  • Electric lie detector machine
  • Shiny shocking lie detector machine
  • LED's to indicate fact or porky
  • Sensors to front and back
  • Hand strap for maximum effect
  • High/low shock setting
  • The portable lie detector is a table top device
  • Suction cup feet keep unit in place
  • You strap your victim's hand to, delivering a small electric shock when it thinks a lie is being told
  • Great for having fun with your mates
  • Give you much fun by this thruster lie detector toy
  • A best choice as a gift for your friends
  • This lie detector machine is just a game machine for fun
  • This lie detector machine can help to see through the white lie from the person who is tested
  • If you tell the truth, you can move away from it safely but if you tell a lie or give an unacceptable amount of half truths, you will receive an electric shock
  • Suitable for 14 years of age and up
  • Great for having fun with your mates
  • Powered by 3 x AAA battery (NOT included)
  • Dimension: 16 x 16 x 8.5cm (approx.)
  • Weight: 245g

Package Content:
  • Shocking Liar