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SteelSeries Arctis 3 Gaming Headset




Arctis challenges everything you know about gaming headsets with completely overhauled audio, a new mic design with unmatched clarity, and improved comfort with materials inspired by athletic clothing.

Arctis 3 brings pure performance and style, featuring SteelSeries 7.1 Surround Sound.

  • Designed for everywhere you game, with remarkable sound, comfort and style on all gaming platforms
  • The exclusive ClearCast mic delivers studio-quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation
  • The S1 speaker drivers are engineered to produce a detailed, balanced soundscape with ultra-low distortion, for your games, music, movies and more
  • SteelSeries 7.1 Surround delivers immersive sound on PC, and stereo audio on Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, VR, and mobile
  • Arctis headsets feature athletics-inspired performance fabric AirWeave ear cushions and a ski goggle suspension headband for lasting comfort

  • Black
  • White

  • For PC: Wired via 3.5mm analog, SteelSeries 7.1 Surround, SteelSeries Engine 3 support
  • For Mac: Wired via 3.5mm analog
  • PlayStation: Wired via 3.5mm analog
  • Xbox: Wired via 3.5mm analog
  • VR: Wired via 3.5mm analog
  • Smartphone/Mobile: Wired via 3.5mm analog

Speaker Specifications:
  • Neodymium Drivers: 40mm
  • Headphone Frequency Response: 20-22000 Hz
  • Headphone Sensitivity: 98db
  • Headphone Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Headphone Total Harmonic Distortion: < 3%
  • Headphone Volume Control: On Ear Cup

Microphone Specifications:
  • Microphone Frequency Response: 100Hz - 10000Hz
  • Microphone Pattern: Bidirectional
  • Microphone Sensitivity: -48 db
  • Microphone Impedance: 2200 Ohm
  • Microphone Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Microphone Location: Retractable
  • Microphone Mute Toggle: On Ear Cup

  • Connector Type: Dual 3.5mm, 3-Pole Plug or Single 3.5mm, 4-Pole Plug via included adapter
  • Cable Length: 3M, 10ft
  • Cable Material: Rubber
  • Adapter: Single 3.5mm, 4-Pole Plug
  • Share Jack: Yes
  • Detachable Cable: Yes

Package Contents:
  • 1 x Arctis 3 Headset
  • 1 x Main Cable
  • 1 x Dual 3.5mm Extension
  • 1 x 4-pole 3.5mm Adapter
  • 1 x User's Manual