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USB Camera Lens Humidifier

This item is Discontinued
Bring you pleasant moisture everywhere!!!
Have you even experienced dry hands, dry mouths, dry skin, etc. in dry seasons or even in an air-conditioned rooms and offices? This is a quite unpleasant problem not only for girls but men also. Thus, you need a USB Camera Lens Humidifier! It generates cool, moisturizing steam using safe ultrasonic waves so as to help relieve dry skin, eyes, mouth and throat. It makes breathing more comfortable. It is compact and portable that ideal for travelers too!

  • Camera Lens shape design
  • Generates moisture by cool ultrasonic waves, safe and quiet
  • Relieves your breath, eyes and skin in dry seasons anywhere
  • Good for use in offices, cars or for travelling
  • Powered by USB
  • Dimension: 106 x 102 x 175mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 214g

Package Contents:
  • USB Camera Lens Humidifier
  • USB Power Cable