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WitEden 3x3x6 Magic Brick



The WitEden fully functional 3x3x6 cube is good quality, a new challenge for experienced cubers. This quality puzzle is not designed for speed cubing, but is designed for an excellent puzzle solving experience to challenge the user and provide long time fun. An excellent addition to collections.

  • WitEden 3x3x6 Magic Brick
  • Quality design to handle smoothly
  • Good for Creative Thinking & Improve both your IQ & EQ
  • Left & Right Brain Training
  • Hints: Tea Break & Retry it
  • Functions: Left & Right Brain training, IQ & EQ Training, home and office fun
  • Colors may be variant
  • Dimensions: 57 x 57 x 86mm

  • White

Package Contents:
  • 1 x WitEden 3x3x6 Magic Brick